Top Seven Blues Games of the 2011-2012 NHL Season | Number 7: Edmonton @ St. Louis
January 5th, 2012
4 - 3

The Blues started this game well, getting a one goal lead in the first period and keeping Edmonton to just 3 shots in the opening twenty minutes. In the second period, however, this game quickly went downhill. The Blues took several penalties, some which were well deserved and some which were very questionable. At the end of forty minutes, the Blues found themselves down 3-1. They were able to tie it up, though, thanks to two early power-plays in the third. Pietrangelo and Backes were credited with the goals. The Blues went ahead 4-3 thanks to a Matt D’Agostini goal, which ended up being the game winner. This game showed the resiliency of this Blues team, and their ability to put a bad period behind them and come back to get a win. This game also gave us this gif, which definitely helped it make this list.

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