Jay Bouwmeester: Most Likely To Michelle Kwan AND Most Electric | Holy cow! Jay Bouwmeester is one of the only Blues to walk away with two Bluescars in this year’s ceremony, and he was only on the team for a few weeks. We’d all heard about Bouwmeester’s skating ability and we’d all seen him skate when he played against the Blues four times a year. But after he joined the Blues, we really started to take note of how great of a skater he really is. He’s a fucking gazelle out there. US Weekly reports that several female ice-skaters have contacted Bouwmeester, hoping to secure him as a partner for Sochi 2014. When asked about the recent attention thrown his way, the always talkative Bouwmeester said, “Heh, yeah”. Congratulations on your Most Likely to Michelle Kwan and Most Electric awards, Jay! We think you’ll think they’re “nice”.

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Posted on May 18th at 3:01 PM
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