Jaden Schwartz: Best Second Fiddle To Fiddle His Way To The Top | Let’s be real for a second. There were two rookies on the Blues to start the season, and one got all of the attention. That one was not Jaden Schwartz. Schwartz bounced from the first line to the fourth line and back again throughout the season, not because of poor play but because the coaching staff trusted him in many different roles. He did what was asked of him to little fanfare. He had a good season, and really turned it up towards the end, making him a shoo-in for the playoffs. And what a playoffs he had. He is the player who came in second in all of the events on Nickeloden’s GUTS but then totally killed it on the Aggro Crag, securing a come from behind victory. Schwartz made people notice him not by his name or hype or attention, but by his play. This award is very well deserved.

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Posted on May 21st at 7:01 PM
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    I saw him play for Peoria again the Barons in OKC a while back before the NHL got their shit together, and he’s a beast...
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